Written at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm
CRAFT! Department of Ceramic and Glass
Master 2
Spring 2017

Although the computer has been in use for several decades now, in most crafts it is still used mainly as an assistive device and we seem not to regard it as a professional tool; as a craft tool. New methods of making are out there. We need to have two toolboxes now: our traditional one and our new digital one.
We can already CAD our concepts, control CNC machines and build 3D-printers, customised to our emerging practice. We share our new knowledge on open-source platforms, teach each other through the web (and around the globe) how to apply digital techniques to our craft. We now have the opportunity to join hands with other communities aspiring towards democratisation of contemporary manufacturing techniques, and reinvent ourselves, our tools and what new craft could be.

Coming soon: Download a PDF file here